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Getting the most out of our site search:

Our new search feature allows you to search the entire contents of our website by recipe name, ingredients (including which “JIFFY” Mix product is used), as well as the baking method. ex.(BAKE, FRY, SKILLET, “FRYING PAN”, GRIDDLE, etc.), and more.

It is always best to start your search using as few words as are needed. For instance COBBLER will return all of our delicious cobblers, including Apple Crunch, Apple Crisp, Blueberry Buckle, and Pumpkin Pecan Cobbler. Whereas a search for FRUIT COBBLER will return only recipes and articles containing both the words FRUIT and COBBLER.


Use quotes to search for a specific item or phrase:

Searching for a phrase contained within quotes will yield only pages with those words in the same order as specified in the quotes. This is useful when you want to limit your results to only those containing a specific phrase.

For instance, a search for BAKING MIX without quotes, will return all articles and recipes containing either word. If you use the words “BAKING MIX” in quotes, the search will return only articles and recipes containing both words in that order.

Searching for “BAKING MIX” CHOCOLATE will return results containing the phrase “BAKING MIX” and the word CHOCOLATE.