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Made in Michigan: Jiffy Mix

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Article by: Randy Conat

CHELSEA (WJRT) - (02/24/16) - There's a product that's Made in Michigan that can be found in nearly every kitchen in the country. The company has been around for more than 100 years and never had a layoff.

It's Jiffy Mix made in Chelsea near Ann Arbor.

The boxes of Jiffy Mix fly down the assembly line at the Chelsea Milling Company. 1.6 million boxes a day are sent around the nation and to 32 countries.

"When people think of Jiffy Mix, they pretty much think of us as the muffin company because our corn muffins are so popular. We actually have 92 percent of market share," said Howdy Holmes, Chelsea Milling Company president and CEO.

One reason sales are so good is the price.

"You can buy our corn muffins for 55 cents. That's a pretty good deal," Holmes said.

Sales actually increase during recessions because people eat at home more often.

"Our whole mission is to serve working class America, the blue collar gang, if you will," Holmes said.

Jiffy Mix has become a tradition in many families. Mothers and fathers often pass down their favorite Jiffy Mix recipes.

"Baking is an event to be shared. There's a big emotional attachment," Holmes said.

Jiffy Mix is able to keep prices down because the company doesn't advertise or offer coupons. It buys local whenever possible, like the wheat used for flour.

"We get it all from the Thumb area," Holmes said.

Much of the sugar comes from Michigan, too. Allegiance to the state is important.

"We're Michiganders. We try to support local," Holmes said.

The complex covers a large portion of Chelsea, about nine acres.

"Part of our structures were built in the late 1800s," Holmes said.

There are 18 varieties of Jiffy Mix.

While Jiffy Mix is found in so many homes, the company has expanded into commercial and institutional food, like cake mix. Just over 300 people work at Chelsea Milling.

"It's a great company to work for. Family owned forever and ever," said Sharon Parsons.

"We're like a big family. It's really close knit," said Josh Mohr.

Holmes is well-liked by the employees.

"He's almost like a father. He's always got words of encouragement," Mohr said.

"We choose to take care of our people," Holmes said.

Being a successful company attracts offers from other states to relocate.

"We have no interest in selling. It would never be the same," Holmes said.

The next time you see that little box that becomes a plate full of delicious muffins, remember - it's Made in Michigan.